June 26

Banba’s Crown at Malin Head

Ireland's northernmost edge, Malin Head, boasts sunshine aplenty – or so claim the folks at Farren's Bar, Ireland's most northerly pub. My own luck confirmed their tale; the misty rains of Horn Head gave way to clear skies as I arrived. Malin Head is a wonder to behold, where sweeping cliffside views rival any in Ireland, and a light hike unfolds into something more. For those seeking echoes of the ancient and mythic, this place has another name: Banba's Crown.

Banba's Crown at Malin Head


While St. Patrick gets credit for teaching Ireland about the Holy Trinity, there's more to the story. Ancient Irish beliefs never entirely vanished with new arrivals; they simply layered, one over the other. For the Irish, the concept of a trinity was already familiar. So, when St. Patrick brought his teachings, they might have simply thought, "We're calling them Father, Son, and Holy Ghost now? Fair enough."

Long before that, there was Fódla, one of three Tuatha Dé Danann goddess-queens, sisters who embodied the sacred feminine of Ireland. Eiru, namesake of Éire, represented the land as a whole, while Fódla represented the individual parts. Banba symbolized the sacred connection between earth and the divine, centered at Aill na Mireann on Uisneach Hill in County Westmeath.

This legacy places Banba's crown at the island's northernmost point, Malin Head. For those seeking it, this windswept and serene place offers a chance to reflect and connect with the ancient spirits that linger across so many corners of Ireland.

Banba's Crown at  Malin Head

After visiting Malin Head, here are some things to do in nearby Derry:


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