February 26

Ériu’s Purpose Circle

In Ireland, we have no need to construct a purpose circle of stones within which to remain for our quest. Our island, entirely within Eriu's eye gives us a permanent ring to stay within as we construct our journey, exploring endless paths limited only by our own intent.

Staying within the rings of Ériu’s eye, we can construct our journey focusing on endless paths and purpose limited only by our own intent.

Ancient Ireland is constantly evolving as she has been for thousands of years. She is a treasure of human spirit and perseverance.  As the sun and moon play out their cosmic dance, they teach us that our lives too are a sacred dance.  Like the seasons, our lives are full of contrasts, yet we always remain rooted by the soul’s umbilical to the cosmic divine.

Ériu grounds us, Fódla carries us on our journey, and Banba shows us to the divine.  All the while Áine, comes each morning announcing a new day, then she retires to the darkness. Yet we never lose faith that Áine, will return with the next sunrise.

Beginnings and endings, then beginnings again. All as it has been and as it ever shall be.  Visit Ireland once and you will surely return again and again.


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