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Tea Time on The Beara Peninsula

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While exploring the Beara Peninsula in Ireland, a wonderfully relaxing place to stop is Josie’s Tea House. The views, ambiance and serenity are unrivaled and although off the beaten track, a stop is well worth the effort.


Finding Josie’s was a bit of adventure because it really is out of the way; but worth it!  (You will likely need a car.) We first saw the small sign for it along R571 directly past the small village of Lauragh and veered off to explore. The road which heads there goes to the Healy Pass and ultimately to Adrigole, and we almost gave up as Josie’s is almost three kilometers down a narrow dirt road and we really thought at the time we would get there to find a small sign telling us “Ha, Ha, Irish Joke!” Nevertheless, we persisted and were delighted to arrive.

Josie’s Tea House is situated overlooking Glanmore Lake. Inside as well as outside dining are options and there is a standard menu of what we considered “Irish staples.” The Irish stew is well prepared, tasty, and satisfying. Or, simply enjoy a cup of tea! Even if not up for a full meal, Josie’s offers a decent desert menu so we try to make the stop, even for just tea and sweets.

Spend some time, relax, enjoy the lake views and then continue on your way exploring the Beara. Don’t let the out of the way location discourage you and keep going down that dirt road because Josie’s really is worth the trip.  You can even choose to stay a while as there is an apartment and cottage available.

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