March 26

Whiskey Worth Every Penny

Whiskey lovers can debate their favorite drops 'til the cows come home, but for my taste, nothing beats the silky smoothness of a triple-distilled Irish whiskey. That's why they deserve the title "liquid gold."

The Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland is a must-visit for its breathtaking scenery and legends of Finn McCool. But within that beauty lies a treasure for whiskey enthusiasts: the Bushmills Distillery, crafting spirits on this very site since 1608. Sure, some might disparagingly call Bushmills "Protestant whiskey," but in the spirit of Irish unity, let's raise a glass top this fine nectar!

Summer crowds can be hefty, so arrive early or late in the day if possible. Lucky for us, even in July, the next tour was only 10 minutes away! Sadly, no photos are allowed inside due to the vapors, but trust me, it's an experience for your senses. Knowledgeable guides lead small groups through the working distillery – a treat for the eyes and nose alike. (Fair warning: some areas get a bit warm.)

And then, the best part: a tasting! Go for the 12-year distillery reserve, exclusive to the site, or splurge on a velvety dram of the 21-year. You can buy your favorites to take home – they'll even personalize the label! The staff expertly wrap bottles for travel, which saved our haul from a mangled suitcase.

An hour or two spent at Bushmills will show you exactly why Irish whiskey is liquid gold.



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